A group based on complementary expertise with multidisciplinary know-how

A range of integrated biotechnology solutions

A complete platform, from DNA to recombinant antibodies



A French company founded in 2002, RD-Biotech has a complete technical platform and a high-level scientific expertise in molecular biology, recombinant proteins, immunology and cellular engineering.

Customized services tailored to the needs of R & D and preclinical projects:

  • Bioproduction and purification: Plasmids (up to several hundreds of mg), monoclonal antibodies (up to several grams) and recombinant proteins, cells - Standard quality, endofree or high grade quality (GMP Like)
  • Development of expression vectors, cell lines, murine hybridomas
  • Recombinant antibodies: Antibody Sequencing, Chimerization and Humanization, characterization and validation (specificity, affinity, bioactivity)
  • Analytical platform: ELISA, Blotting, Cytometry, OCTET, PCR and qPCR ...: development of methods, validation of procedures, analysis and quality control

A range of FastELISA kits for the quantification of human, mouse, rat, and contaminant Ig (bovine Ig, protein A, etc.).

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Custom Products & Services in Biotechnology

Molecular Biology - Immunology - Protein and Cell Engineering

Monoclonal antibodies, Cytokines, Chemokines, CD markers, Apoptosis, Bioactive antibodies, ELISA Kits, ELISpot Kits, DIAplex, Bioassays


Custom services, Biomanufacturing and purification, antibodies, recombinant proteins, plasmids, transfection, hybridoma development, expression vectors, FastELISA kits


Primary and Secondary Antibodies Anti-species, Isotype controls, custom services, hybridoma development – rat, guinea pig, murine, Immunoassays