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RD-BIOTECH is a French biotechnology company that offers tailor-made services in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Cellular Engineering, as part of Research and Development, pre-clinical or clinical studies.

Since its creation in 2002, RD-Biotech has provided its technical skills and scientific know-how for a personalized, responsive and quality service and in complete confidentiality.

  • Biomanufacturing services: Plasmids (up to several hundred mg), monoclonal antibodies (up to several tens of grams), recombinant antibodies, recombinant proteins (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, cell free systems and other systems under development), cells - Standard quality, “endofree” or “high Grade” (GMP Like). Soon a GMP grade plasmid production unit.
  • Antibody engineering services: complete platform, from antibody sequencing to the design and construction of expression vectors, expression of recombinant antibodies, reformatting, humanization, characterization and validation of candidates ...
  • Custom development of expression vectors, cell lines, murine hybridomas ...
  • Analytical services: ELISA, Blotting, Cytometry, PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR…: development of methods, validation of procedures, analyzes and quality controls.
  • A range of FastELISA kits for the determination of human, mouse and rat Ig, and contaminants (bovine Ig, protein A, etc.).

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