A group based on complementary expertise with multidisciplinary know-how

A range of integrated biotechnology solutions

A little history


Creation of RD-BIOTECH - CRO located in Besançon (France)

Services in Immunology - Molecular Biology - Cellular Engineering

Leader in Biomanufacturing: monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, recombinant proteins, cells

FastELISA kit range:The fastest ELISA kits on the market for the quantification of mouse, rat, human and bovine IgG, for the quantification of Protein A contaminants and for isotyping of murine Ig.

Research contracts: Development of murine hybridomas, chimerization and humanization, construction of vectors, establishment of stable cell lines, development of methods and bioassays.

For more information: www.rd-biotech.com


Creation of the Biotech Investissement Group, holding company

Acquisition of DIACLONE from Hologic GenProbe (USA)
Company located in Besançon (France) since 1986

Wide range of excellent products in Immunology: Monoclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, ELISpot and multiplex kits. More than 300 references for applications in research and diagnosis: apoptosis, cytokines, cytokine receptors, chemokines, CD markers and adhesion molecules.

Bioassay platforms and great expertise in the generation of monoclonal antibodies.

For more information: www.diaclone.com


Majority stake in SynAbs, created in September 2015 in Leuven (Belgium)

A 30-year expertise in monoclonal antibodies

Range of more than 100 secondary monoclonal antibodies: anti-mouse, human, rat, many other species as well as isotype controls

Innovative expertise in the development of monoclonal antibodies in rats and guinea pigs

For more information: www.synabs.be