A group based on complementary expertise with multidisciplinary know-how

A range of integrated biotechnology solutions

A complete platform, from DNA to recombinant antibodies

A little history


Creation of RD-BIOTECH - CRO located in Besançon (France)

Services in Immunology - Molecular Biology - Cellular Engineering

Leader in Biomanufacturing: monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, recombinant proteins, cells

FastELISA kit range:The fastest ELISA kits on the market for the quantification of mouse, rat, human and bovine IgG, for the quantification of Protein A contaminants and for isotyping of murine Ig.

Research contracts: Development of murine hybridomas, chimerization and humanization, construction of vectors, establishment of stable cell lines, development of methods and bioassays.

For more information: www.rd-biotech.com


Creation of the Biotech Investissement Group, holding company, and the mAbexperts brand.

Acquisition of DIACLONE from Hologic GenProbe (USA)
Company located in Besançon (France) since 1986

Wide range of excellent products in Immunology: Monoclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, ELISpot and multiplex kits. More than 300 references for applications in research and diagnosis: apoptosis, cytokines, cytokine receptors, chemokines, CD markers and adhesion molecules.

Bioassay platforms and great expertise in the generation of monoclonal antibodies.

For more information: www.diaclone.com


Majority stake in SynAbs, created in September 2015 in Leuven (Belgium)

A 30-year expertise in monoclonal antibodies

Range of more than 100 secondary monoclonal antibodies: anti-mouse, human, rat, many other species as well as isotype controls

Innovative expertise in the development of monoclonal antibodies in rats and guinea pigs

For more information: www.synabs.be


Entry into the capital of QVQ holding, company based in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

QVQ has strong expertise in the development and production of single domain antibodies derived from llamas, which are referred to as VHHs.
By joining the mAbexperts team, QVQ will complement the high level of expertise already present within the group, to develop and market new high-quality diagnostic assays and imaging products.

For more information: www.qvquality.com


Entry into the capital of SMALTIS SAS, a company based in Besançon (France).

Created in 2014, SMALTIS has a solid expertise in Microbiology and an innovative experience in Bacterial Genetics.
By joining the mAbexperts group, SMALTIS is consolidating already well-established expertise in the fields of Bioproduction and related quality controls, by adding Microbiological and Bacterial Genetic Engineering expertise.

For more information: www.smaltis.fr


Biotech Investissement sells its subsidiary Diaclone SAS (France) to the Medix Biochemica group (Finland)

With the Medix Group, Diaclone will be able to access new international markets and continue its development in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market.

This sale now allows the mAbexperts group to focus on its biomanufacturing and engineering services business.

For more information: www.diaclone.com


RD-Biotech's relocation

RD-Biotech integrated in April 2021 its new laboratories located in the Temis Santé Technological park in Besançon (F).
This new site includes the technical platforms for molecular biology, immunology, cell culture and antibody engineering, as well as biomanufacturing rooms dedicated to the production of R&D quality batches but also batches in GMP like / High Quality grade.


Biotech Investissement sold its stakes in sYnAbs

RD-Biotech starts a new GMP Grade plasmid DNA production unit and thus completes its biomanufacturing offer of pDNA, raw materials for innovative therapies (RNA vaccines, therapeutic mRNA, CAR-T cells, viral vectors, etc.)