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Smaltis is a laboratory specialized in microbiology, delivering tailor-made and high added value solutions to support public and private actors in the development of health products, from research steps to clinical studies. Smaltis thus delivers research and operational implementation services that specifically meet the needs of its clients, to accelerate their projects.

Fields of expertise of Smaltis are the fight against antibiotic resistance, the exploration of microbiota, and the optimization of bioprocesses through strain engineering.

Smaltis thus supports the development of antimicrobial candidates by assessing their anti-infectious efficacy and toxicity, as well as the risk of antibiotic resistance that bacteria may develop. Smaltis also works on the exploration of the microbiota to optimize and describe the mechanism of action of compounds acting on it. Finally, Smaltis has expertise in strain engineering and vector construction for applications in bioproduction and research.
Collections of clinical, reference or genetically modified bacterial strains are also available.

Smaltis' strengths are reactivity, flexibility and scientific support.

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