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  • Congress Ghent
    Come and meet us at the Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection Meeting in Ghent (Belgium)!
    Date of publication : 15/11/2019

    Synabs (mAbexperts group) will be present at the Next-generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd Edition) organized by VIB Conference Series which will be held from Dec 02 - 03, 2019 at Ghent...

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  • Sequencing
    RD-Biotech - Discount on Antibody Sequencing Service
    Date of publication : 12/11/2019
  • Diaclone's Toolbox for your Car-T Development
    Date of publication : 12/11/2019

    Functional characterization of your CAR construct with the help of Diaclone’s toolbox - providing you the means to advance your research: 

    Monoclonal Antibodies: catalogue and bulk...

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  • CAR-T development
    CAR-T development
    Date of publication : 01/10/2019

    Diaclone continues its implication in innovative health technology with its participation in the development of IL-1RAP CAR T cells (Warda W Cancer Res...

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  • New Diaclone Catalogue!
    Date of publication : 05/09/2019

    We are pleased to inform you that the latest version of the Diaclone Mini Catalogue (Version 6) is now available.

    The catalogue can be downloaded from the Diaclone website...

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  • Diaclone is recruiting!
    Diaclone is recruting !
    Date of publication : 28/08/2019

    As part of its development, Diaclone is recruiting an international Sales & Marketing manager based in Besancon, France to promote and sell its products via its distribution network and...

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  • Plasmids
    RD-BIOTECH PLASMID MANUFACTURING SERVICE. Plasmid DNA for research, preclinical and clinical applications scaled to fit projects of any size.
    Date of publication : 25/07/2019

    RD-Biotech has been perfecting plasmid DNA production for more than 17 years for a wide range of research, preclinical, clinical and diagnostic applications.

    You need 1mg of DNA for a research...

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  • Smaltis
    SMALTIS joins the Biotech Investissement Group!
    Date of publication : 25/07/2019

    We are pleased to announce the entry of Biotech Investissement into the capital of SMALTIS SAS, a company based in Besançon (France), which joins RD-Biotech SAS, Diaclone SAS, SynAbs SA and...

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  • PSL
    PSL Alliance
    Date of publication : 18/05/2019

    Diaclone is a core member of the PSL Alliance, a network of biotech companies gathered by UK-based company Pivotal Scientific...

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  • Prod cell
    NEW! RD-Biotech supplier of murine monoclonal antibodies D1-25 and 1112-1, for the quantification of rabies virus by ELISA.
    Date of publication : 08/04/2019

    Signature of license agreements with Institut Pasteur – France and with Winstar Institute- USA: RD-Biotech becomes the supplier of the clones D1-25 and 1112-1 and now offers the antibody pair...

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  • Diaclone is a partner in a major European project involving a dozen partners from the Besançon region.
    Date of publication : 21/08/2018

    Le Projet MiMédi

    MIMEDI: MIcrotechnique pour les MEDicaments Innovants nouvelles solutions technologiques pour optimiser la fabrication de "cellules médicaments"

    Au sein...

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